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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Every song has a story behind it. Some are just simple tunes written to make you laugh or smile, while others have deeper meanings. Some are done in a matter of minutes, and some take days, weeks or even months to complete.

Take "The Conversation" for example. This song was one of the hardest songs I've ever written. I had the idea one night while sitting and doing nothing in particular.

It's a song about a man who was tired. A man who worked from sun up to sun down and just never seemed to get ahead in life. While the world celebrates those with no real talent, or skill, men (and women) like him work and work but just never can move forward.

It's at this point that he begins to question everything, including his trust in God.

So when the preacher comes to his house, he wants no part in anything the old man wants or needs to say. Quite simply, he's done.

But like so many great teachers, the preacher doesn't say anything, he just listens. And after the man has said his piece, the preacher asks for God's guidance in what needed to be said. And what came to him, was God using him as a vessel, as he does with us some times. So in actuality, the preacher says two words in the song, the rest is God speaking to the broken man.

I wanted the song to be simple, except when it came to God singing. And by adding the harmonies behind the lead vocals, I wanted to try and capture a choir of angels singing with him.

And here's where the problem came. I couldn't finish the song after this. Afterall, how do you top God singing? I was lost for a way to move the song forward to it's conclusion. I spoke to my right hand man, Ron Thompson, I spoke to my best friend and church Deacon Mike Richards, I talked to my mom(s) and even my younger brother Claude. And I asked them all one simple question, "when you're at your lowest, and you speak to God, what does he say to you?"

They all gave me some great answers, but none of them captured what I had in my head and in my heart. Their answers were just not what I was looking for. But then something happened that I didn't expect. I spoke to Mike once more and told him that I was still having trouble with this song. And it was on the tip of my brain, but I just couldn't find the words. He told me to stop. Just stop everything. Don't work on the song, don't work on any songs. In fact, don't play my guitar or listen to music for a week or so. Just stop. So I did.

A week or two later, I picked up the guitar and was just fooling around with it. Playing nothing in particular, just playing. And just like that, the final verse came to me. I quickly wrote it down, played the entire song a few times to make sure it all fit musically and sang it to see if in fact, I'd managed to find the words. I did....

I've played the rough demo for a few people close to me and they all told me they got chills, or cried, or how much it meant to them. So I guess I did something right, or rather God used me as a vessel to get it done.

So take a listen, see what you think. And if you want to know the story behind any of the other songs, drop me a line and tell me. I'll be happy to share why and how the song was written.

Take care,

Roy Wayne*

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